Client Acquisition Report

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It is time to build your customized Client Acquisition Report.

The CA Report allows you to select up to 15 actively managed US equity funds for analysis.

To make it easy, we have a dropdown screen below that allows you to search by name, partial name, or ticker. After you find your fund, simply click on the name and it will be added to the fund list.

Some important considerations as you begin:

  • Actively managed US equity funds only.
  • If your desired fund is not in the database yet (Turing has replicated funds representing 95% of all actively managed equity funds), let us know and we will add it. Turing will then promptly deliver your CA Report with the existing funds, and then issue an updated version within in a few days to a week with all of the funds.
    • Use the second input field for funds not currently replicated by Turing.
    • When inputting a fund into the ‘free form’ field, please include as much information as possible, including fund name and ticker if possible.
  • Funds with more than 800 securities (less than 1% of the universe) typically will not generate an HCO Score (“HCO” stands for High Conviction Overweight). These funds might not be eligible for use in the Scorecard.

    Occasionally, funds not in the database may not be able to be replicated, and therefore ineligible for the CA Report. If by chance this occurs, Turing will contact you to replace any non-replicable funds with another fund.

    Your custom Client Acquisition Report will be delivered within 5 business days upon receipt of confirmation of the fund selection.