Stock Picker’s Scorecard

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Unlock the secret behind fund managers’ track records with the pioneering STOCK PICKER’S SCORECARD

For the first time ever, delve deep into whether a manager’s success is attributed to true skill 🎯 or mere luck 🎲

Advisors: Acquire new clients and retain existing ones

Investors: Gain unparalleled insight into manager decision-making

“The most elegant fund evaluation tool I have ever seen”

40-year veteran within the investment advice industry

Enabled by Hercules.aiTM, Turing’s AI-Powered Fund Replication Engine

Turing’s redefines fund analysis by offering real-time fund replication of actively managed US equity funds, based on publicly accessible data.

Operating since 2016, houses data from funds representing over $4 trillion in assets, and boasts a staggering 99.4% correlation between replicated fund’s returns and the actual fund’s returns. Turing’s database houses replicated holdings data for 95% of the applicable actively managed mutual fund universe.

“There are virtually no secrets with Fund holdings are laid bare”

Rob Nestor, president of Turing Technology

Unmask Fund Manager Prowess

What better way to gain insight into a fund manager’s skillset than to look inside the fund on a real-time basis and evaluate their actual stock picks?

The Scorecard shines a stark spotlight on the primary source of active fund managers’ alpha – their largest stock picks versus the benchmark.

Stop the guessing: Tap into the breakthrough power of Hercules.aiTM – Turing’s AI-powered fund replication technology. Don’t use stale data or processed information to evaluate managers – evaluate their skill based on actual, real-time stock picks

Actionable Information Never Before Available to the Public

Scorecard powered by Other Fund Data Providers
Analysis based on real-time fund holdings and weights ✅ ❌
Evaluates the managers biggest stock picks vs the benchmark ✅ ❌
Provides data-driven performance warning flags ✅ Some

Data-Driven, Real-Time Warning Flags

Designed for Financial Advisors and professional investors, the Scorecard provides actionable data regarding fund performance and manager skills. Embedded in Scorecard reports are three types of data-driven warning flags:

  • Funds where Scorecard data suggests inclusion on a performance watchlist due to deteriorating performance;
  • Funds with the data indicating justification for potential replacement;
  • Improve performance and client value by discovering “closet indexers”.

Additional Available Reports

Turing also makes available two companion reports to complement the Stock Picker’s Scorecard:

  • The Client Acquisition Report is a powerful prospecting tool for Financial Advisors to target and close new clients. This Report drills into a prospective client’s existing fund portfolio, and delivers a real-time HCO assessment from our system. The advisor can then use the intuitive and easy to read yellow and red warning flags to highlight funds that demand review or need to be considered for replacement.
  • The Hidden Gems Report is a monthly report highlighting funds with strong HCO results that are also under $1 billion in assets. These funds have earned HCO Scores in the top two deciles while also avoiding any warning flags. These funds are clearly on the rise, and deserve additional attention for future inclusion in investment portfolios.

Take the Scorecard for a Test Drive Yourself

To learn more about the Stock Picker’s Scorecard (SPS) and our other Reports, download this brochure.

For a complementary Sample Report and our Client Acquisition Report Case Study, submit the Sample report form.

Product Information

Stock Picker’s Scorecard Standard Package

$399 per month, or

$332 per month with subscription


  • Customized report for up to 25 funds, received monthly
  • HCO Scores, HOC Trends, and HCO Shares
  • Performance-based flags

Stock Picker’s Scorecard Premium Package

$549 per month, or

$457 per month with subscription


  • Customized report for up to 25 funds, received monthly
  • HCO Scores, HOC Trends, and HCO Shares
  • Performance-based flags


  • Monthly Hidden Gems report
  • 1 free Client Acquisition Report
  • Addl Client Acquisition Reports for only $149

Hidden Gems Report

$99 per month, or

$82 per month with subscription


Rotating list of emerging managers, featuring:

  • Managers with AUM < $1B
  • HCO Scores in the top 2 deciles
  • No negative warning flags

Client Acquisition Report

$199 per report

($149 per report with Premium Package)


  • Customized report for up to 15 funds, reflecting a prospect’s current fund list
  • HCO Scores, HOC Trends, and HCO Shares
  • Performance-based flags
  • Tailored talking points to explain to the prospect why their account should be transferred to you